Are your high tech field devices up to the task of handling big data?

Cutting-edge technologies are driving change across the transportation industry at a record pace. While it may seem like autonomous vehicles are still something for the distant future, the reality is the technology is just around the corner. The time has come for transportation agencies to strategically plan for improving the way they collect, manage, analyze and distribute data between agencies and to the traveling public.

“The world is undergoing a data explosion. By 2020, every autonomous vehicle on the road will create 4TB of data per day. A million self-driving cars will create the same amount of data every day as 3 billion people”. Wendell Brooks, Intel SVP and president of Intel Capital.”

The FHWA understands that data is “Key” to a better performing transportation system. They are to working hard to create good policy now to make safer roadways in the future, and we are too. Eco Partnering Innovations has partnered with several extraordinary companies to provide quality, affordable, and scalable state of the art technology solutions for the ITS, Planning, Parking, and Public Safety sectors. Our solutions are geared toward V2X and integrated asset management.

Are your high tech field devices up to the task of handling big data? Are they out of service more than in service? Do you really know the warranty start/end date of your devices? How much money has your agency spent paying for items that should have been covered by the manufacturers? Do you need performance reporting by corridor and maintenance contractor? Our Enterprise Field Asset Management System (FAMS) by Simplify IT is the ideal solution that will give your agency the tools it needs to track inventory, repairs, work orders, invoices and performance of field devices and the maintenance contractors performing the work.

EPI is committed to helping agencies stay ahead of this data explosion and the new performance measures being implemented. We are here to augment the collaborations between cities, contractors, engineers, and manufacturers to find practical ways of integrating the next generation of technology that will advance the public and private sector’s mobility. FAMS is so robust we could not list all of its benefits on this blog or it would become a book. Please visit the links below to read more about FAMS or contact us at to set up a demo.

FAMS Brochure

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