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Eco Partnering Innovations Teams With Blue-Band To Develop Real-Time Data Structure For Connected Vehicles


Two Florida-based private-sector players in the intelligent transportation field have teamed up to create solutions for government agencies that will help them stay ahead of the data explosion that connected, autonomous vehicles will create.

Eco Partnering Innovations, LLC of Seminole County, a woman-owned business, is partnering with Sanford’s Blue-Band, LLC, a green, DBE Smart City Technology manufacturer, to pave the way for the transformation of the transportation industry.

Eco Partnering Innovations (EPI) specializes in various Smart City Technologies used in intelligent transportation, traffic, tolling, and smart parking systems. EPI is also the master distributor of a versatile, robust, enterprise-level software, the Field Asset Management System, or FAMS. It’s a user-based, scalable Software as a Service, cloud system that allows transportation professionals to simplify their processes, save money, improve performance, collaborate with others, and access accurate management data.

FAMS developers recently integrated the Blue-Band system. The two are a perfect fit, with Blue-Band’s extensive smart city suite that offers data collection solutions, traffic signal actuation, Smart Parking, Travel Time (O&D) reporting, Intelligent Transportation Systems data collection, and storage. The Blue-Band system provides solutions for applications such as freight movement, traffic control, parking space availability reporting, parking enforcement, access control, gate control, facility vehicle capacity tracking, vehicular metrics, statistics, and even tolling applications. Blue-Band has developed a product suite that makes it an attractive value proposition to enhance communication between the traveling public and the end-users for a more personalized communication experience.

Their solutions are geared toward the “vehicle-to-everything” (V2X) and integrated asset management, augmenting the collaborations between cities, contractors, engineers, and manufacturers to find practical ways of integrating the next generation of technology that will advance the public and private sector’s mobility.


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Eco Partnering Innovations, LLC, Stephanie D. Hoback – Principal/Owner stephanie.hoback@ecopartnering.com or office: 407-377-7540, mobile: 407-756-9083

Blue-Band, LLC, Kevin Yorke – Chief Executive Officer

keviny@blue-band.net, or 877-577-7572 ext: 700

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