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Video Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

High quality video surveillance & monitoring systems used on multi-modal transportation projects that incorporate technologies to enhance the security and safety of equipment, agency personnel and the traveling public.

Connected Cars-V2X

V2X is a standard term used for vehicle-to-everything communication. The main concept for this technology is that a vehicle with built-in electronics will be able to communicate wirelessly in real-time.

Ramp Metering

Ramp meters are traffic signals installed on the freeway on-ramps to control the frequency at which vehicles enter the flow of traffic on the freeway. Ramp metering reduces overall freeway congestion.

Wrong Way Vehicle Detection Systems

The application of using traffic control devices and other innovative technologies to help safely reduce wrong-way collisions on ramps and freeways.

Truck Parking Availability

An intelligent system that assesses truck parking availability and disseminates the real-time data

Smart Parking Applications & Enforcement

The use of intelligent detection devices and innovation technology to determine real-time space availability and occupancy.

Variable Speed

A comprehensive system that uses special signs, real-time traffic, and weather detection data to change the speed limits based on the roadway occupancy and weather conditions.

Asset Management & Maintenance

Seamless collaboration with contractors, integrators, ITS and traffic operations and management personnel using modular, intuitive software for mapping and tracking of virtual and physical asset inventory.

Travel Times – Origin & Destination

Use of various detection systems that use real-time data other data analysis to help the traveling public make informed choices.

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