Eco Partnering Innovations has partnered with several extraordinary companies such as Blue-IoT (Integration of Transportation) to provide quality, affordable, and scalable state of the art technology solutions for the ITS, planning, parking, and public safety sectors. Our solutions are geared toward V2X and integrated asset management.

Blue-IoT’s Field Asset Management System (FAMS) is an asset management system designed to provide a centralized location to help improve the complex needs of maintaining small or large-scale Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). To accomplish this, FAMS offers several modules to assist in the many different areas. Modulization allows the ability for an agency to add more modules in the future as industries change. It also reduces the cost for smaller agencies that do not need all the features of larger ones.

The FHWA understands that data is “Key” to a better performing transportation system.  They are working hard to create good policies now, to make safer roadways in the future.   We are working hard too!  Let us help you with your FHWA performance measurement data.

Above graphics & Information credited to FHWA:

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